BIOS 527: Cellular and Systems Neurobiology 

Our sensory systems are dynamic neural circuits that allow us to interact with and interpret our environment. This course will explore the organization of neural systems across the sensory modalities and the mechanistic basis of plasticity in these circuits. We will tackle these ideas through a series of group discussions and activities. In addition to covering topics related to sensory systems and neural plasticity, students will gain experience evaluating original research articles and data.

Example Syllabus

Cross-listed as ANAT 527, NEUS 527

PSCH 351: Laboratory in Perception

Our senses are the mechanism through which we explore and perceive our world. Yet, our perceptions of the same sensory stimuli are varied across individuals. The goal of this course is to provide students with a foundation in psychology and neuroscience that explains our day-to-day perception of the world we interact with. Students will gain experience collecting practical and hands-on laboratory data inspired by everyday experiences.  We will also evaluate contemporary neuroscience and psychology research.

Example Syllabus